Без дьявольского фотошопа: Максим Галкин показал настоящую Аллу Пугачеву
The artist shared a controversial portrait of his wife.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @maxgalkinru Instagram

Maxim Galkin still persuaded Alla Pugacheva more likely to appear in the photo in his microblog. At the beginning of the family vacation in Greece, the Diva refused to act for social networks. Apparently, parodist made beloved to change her mind. His page on Instagram has increased by one the Diva that caused controversy among users of the Network.

Showed Galkin Alla Borisovna in their natural form — such that what he sees her every day. Maxim has taken this step deliberately: he wanted to Express his feelings to his wife that you appreciate not for the “glossy picture”.

“That’s just what the stotal Allusa. Glamorous without filters, photoshop all diabolical, and the like. Checked up antiquated method of photography: the face and the lens. Here’s a Pugacheva I love and see every day, with freckles from the sun in my eyes” — signed picture Maxim.

Photos, as expected, has caused the opposite feelings among subscribers. Some call the act the Maxim of “very romantic”, and others think he “screwed over” Pugacheva, posting bad photos. Someone thinks that the Diva “lost face”, and there are those who call her “unearthly beauty”. It is worth noting that, despite disputes, Maxim has definitely been one thing: make your account more popular.