С певицы Жасмин требуют в суде 62 миллиона The head of a construction company sued the star. The man appealed to the court of Arbitration, through which he hopes to obtain their money. The first meeting on the case involving Jasmine will be held in October.

      A week ago, the singer’s husband Ilan Shor prematurely released. Businessman suspected of fraud in especially large sizes, was sentenced to 30 days in prison. But the lawyers managed to secure his transfer to house arrest.

      The ordeal in the life of Jasmine: the beating and arrest of the other spouse

      All this time Jasmine was very upset by separation from a loved. Even more recently, they again became parents in April, the singer gave the wife a long-awaited son of Myron. Ilan, accused of embezzling $1 billion, not even had time to enjoy the pleasures of parenthood…

      Sarah (real name of the singer. – Approx. “StarHit”) all this time hasn’t been herself, – has shared with “StarHit” the father of Jasmine Leo Manahilov. – Crying, nervous, the place was not found. But she has two small children – they feel everything. Rita asked where dad, missed him, was capricious!”

      Of his wife in the remand prison of the National anticorruption center from Ilana was not. “Jasmine was away from Moldova, – says the “StarHit” the lawyer Shor Denis Ulanov. – Special conditions he was not, despite health problems. My client has repeatedly called the ambulance, has provided emergency health care. All necessary for comfortable pastime we gave it”.

      By the way, in isolation to everything else there is a TV, radio, library, provides three meals a day for inmates. However, the use of mobile phones and the Internet is prohibited. In cells with four beds and a bathroom, and the temperature is maintained at 20 degrees.

      At the same time, problems pursue not only the shore, but the singer. The head of a construction company Pavel Gorbachev has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow with the requirement to Jasmine to return him to 62 million rubles.

      “The lawsuit was filed a few weeks ago – said “StarHit” in court. – At the first meeting of the parties were, so it was postponed to October of this year.”

      By the way, Jasmine’s husband Ilan Shor was released a week and a half ago. After a month, the businessman was reunited with his family. “I am boundlessly happy that my husband is the father of my children Ilan Shor, finally, near the family. We were looking forward to this day together will be there till the final proof of his innocence. I was surprised and aroused the disgust of the article against Ilana, who publish some of the alleged journalists, once receiving the benefit, assistance and gifts from my husband. They and the media they represent, demonstrate endless hypocrisy, arranging these performances. They are doing nothing but trying to hide the facts that sooner or later will be made public. Attacking Ilana, they will not be able to hide the truth!” such an emotional post left Jasmine on his page in Instagram.

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