With Kirkorov in court demanding 75 million for plagiarism, and he does not know

С Киркорова через суд требуют 75 млн за плагиат, а он не в курсе

The leader of the French group Space found familiar motifs in the song “Cruel love” and decided to restore justice.

The king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov appeared in the center of the scandal. Accuses him of plagiarism colleague from the French group Space. The band leader Didier Marouani decided that Phillip’s song “Sign of love” too similar to his own composition, “Symphonic space dream”. And filed formal complaints.

Didier filed a lawsuit in the Moscow city court. Marouani requests to ban Kirkorov to perform “tough love”, and to pay Philip, composer Oleg Popkov, music Sony and LLC “Philipp Kirkorov production” a total of 75 million 340 thousand rubles. And only he, Philip, according to his official representative, I learned about this statement from the journalists.

С Киркорова через суд требуют 75 млн за плагиат, а он не в курсе

“No lawsuit yet Philip did not, except for the hype in the press, which was started by lawyer Didier Marouani PR. Apparently his lawyer is trying harder to promote the name Marouani on the eve of the tour in Russia. Or with the aim of increasing sales of musical compositions of this musician. Claims Marouani funny because the melodies are not similar. Judge for yourself, we are talking about the song 15-year-old, – said the head of the press service Kirkorov Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — So many years have passed, and it is clear that remembered that tune is not just. Philip is the main actor in the country by popularity, audience and readers ‘ interest. And the easiest way to sit down next to his name – just to make a ridiculous claim”.

How substantiated are the claims of the French, will be addressed by lawyers. And we can only compare the choruses of these songs and make your own conclusions. And be glad that our artists, in spite of evil tongues, still listening in the West.