With Justin Bieber requires $100 thousand for a broken phone

С Джастина Бибера требуют $100 тысяч за испорченный телефон

No matter how hard Justin Bieber to go with the slippery slope back to being a gifted guy with a great behavior, to boast of successes in this field he has failed.

Last month, singer of the hit “What Do You Mean” was in the midst of scandal when one of night clubs of Houston broke the phone of a stranger, namerevalsya to film that fiasco.

The fact is that at the moment when the camera Rob was aimed at Bieber, he just choked on a beer and eventually knocked over a whole glass. It is reported that Justin was furious when I saw that someone took it off the failure, and therefore decided to act aggressively and categorically.

Now for their actions Bieber will have to answer. As it became known, the victim Robert Earl Morgan filed for a musician in the court demanding compensation for losses.

In his statement, Morgan said that his phone has been extremely valuable to him not as an apparatus of communication, but as a place where he kept the pictures with the most important family holidays, including the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his grandmother and about 5000 pictures taken during his many travels.

The male loss was estimated at 100 thousand dollars.

Side by this situation so far has not commented.


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