«С любимыми не расставайтесь»: о чем не рассказали Максим Фадеев и Наргиз Закирова The work of Alexander Kochetkov still remember to this day. Not long ago, Maxim Fadeev and Nargiz Zakirova presented a composition based on the famous lines. The work of the star of the Duo caused quite a furor in the Network. “StarHit” remembered other admirers of the poet.

      Recently, Maxim Fadeev and Nargiz Zakirova presented clip for the song “With favourite do not leave”, based on the famous poem by Alexander Kochetkov “the ballad of the smoke-filled car.” Since the release of these lines in the light has passed more than half a century, but they still continue to be used by different artists and to scorch connoisseurs.

      Nargiz Zakirova: scandals, magic and men in the life of the singer

      It should be noted that the works of Kochetkov was extremely interesting history of creation. It resulted in his writing the poet’s wife Nina Prozriteleva. According to the memoirs of women, in the summer of 1932 her husband had to get on a train going from Sochi to Moscow. The couple were so attached to each other that are unable to leave, even for a few days. Nina power pushed the other half out of the car. Further Kochetkov decided to hold off leaving and take the tickets to another date.

      When the artist came to Moscow, I was amazed to realize that all of your friends thought he was dead. The train which was to take poet, went off the rails. Spouse Kochetkova saved from a tragic death. The incident forced Alexander to reflect on the role of chance in human life and about the importance of the power of love, able to protect against fatal mistakes.

      The poem “the Ballad of smoky the wagon” was written in 1932, but it was published only in 1966. It was published in the collection “Day of poetry”. It is remarkable that the author of the famous lines did not witness his triumph. The poet died in may 1953.


      A few years later, the work of Kochetkov turned into a nationwide hit. Ballad of the poet have sounded in the famous movie by Eldar Ryazanov “Irony of fate or With light steam!”. Andrey Myagkov I Valentina Talyzina read the poem in the final picture, hitting millions of movie fans. After the premiere of the tape all memorized by heart the following lines:

      With favourite do not leave!
      Whole blood to germinate in them
      And every time you say good-bye forever
      And every time you say good-bye forever
      And every time you say good-bye forever
      When you leave for a moment!

      In 1972, the Leningrad theatre of Lenin Komsomol for the first time made the play of Alexander Volodina “With favourite do not leave” in the name which formed a line from the works of Kochetkov. Her story was devoted to relations between men and women, which are first separated and then reunited.

      Nine years later, directed by Pavel Arsenov presented the same picture based on the script of the playwright. The main role performed Irina Alferov, Alexander Abdulov, Lyudmila Drebneva, Rufina Nifontova and Clara Luchko.


      Many famous figures of culture and show business quoted lines Kochetkova, dedicated to true love. Moreover, it is remembered to this day. Stars of culture and show business does not hide his admiration for the work of the poet, which were first heard in cult picture.

      So, great popularity in the Network uses the speech of the showman Dmitry Nagiyev, which caused tears from many of his fans. It is not known when it was made a record of it.

      Internet users also appreciate the acting skills of Maxim Averin. Star delivers a solo performance “Everything starts with love…”, which introduces viewers to the works of favorite poets. In addition Kochetkova, Averin enjoys the creativity of Christmas, Samoilova, Mayakovsky, Pasternak’s and Vysotsky.

      In addition, the Network can find an archive recording of Irina Allegrova included in the concert program the stars under the name “blade of love”.


      Many artists tried to impose lines of Alexander Kochetkov music. Perhaps the most famous was the performance of Diana Arbenina with the song “the ballad of the smoke-filled car.” In 2007, the singer participated in the TV project “Two stars”.

      The most radical work on the song inspired by the lines Kochetkova approached Igor Demarin and Irina Shvedova. Ex-beloved clearly admired rock music. To see the composition of the duet in social networks, video performances have not survived.

      The most sentimental song based on the poem Kochetkova was the song Maxim Fadeev and Nargiz Zakirova. The immortal lines of love in the performance of the stars began their new year gift for fans.

      In addition, the famous line “With favourite do not leave” has inspired many figures of music to create new songs. In different years it was used by the group “Arrows” and “Machete”.