With cher require $5 million for stealing font

С Шер требуют $5млн за кражу шрифта

In 2012, singer cher has pleased its fans with new album Closer To The Truth. Signature for Studio work, the singer used her favorite font “Paris Logo”, which now can be costly.

Four years after the release of the album with the actress decided to sue the author of the font the graphic designer Moshik Nadav, who says that his consent to use the font he did not give, and because the singer can be regarded as “illegal, copyright infringing”.

According to the information which was made available to TMZ, the Israeli designer was given a chance Sher to settle this question peacefully. He tried to contact the singer through her representatives, but no one took it seriously. The album was on the shelves, and left. Now the inaction of the environment, the Sher could cost her $ 5 million.