С царским размахом: на что Данила Козловский спустил 5 миллионов Danila Kozlovsky shoots his own film, for which he drew his girlfriend Olga Zuev. “StarHit” figured out why the artist had to spend, and also the conditions in which he and his fiancee live in Krasnodar.
С царским размахом: на что Данила Козловский спустил 5 миллионов

Every few months, the actor tries himself in a new role: as a Director he is working on the film “the Coach”. Its premiere will take place on the eve of the world Cup in 2018. One of the main roles in the film played beloved Kozlovsky Olga Zueva. In early June, the couple came to the set to Krasnodar.

“Danil and Olya lived in a Suite hotel “Carat”, it is considered the best and is situated near the place of work, – told “StarHit” colleagues actors. – The room rate per night – about eight thousand rubles, but the costs of the accommodation was taken by the city administration. The hotel has a gym, a sauna and a restaurant. Other participants in the process, by the way, living in budget hotel”.

In the city a couple of moves on the car, also provided by the government of Krasnodar. “First, Kozlowski drove a simple car. But this was learned the mayor and the machine have changed on “Mercedes” – continue to the actor. For Olga once sent the way of the car, but forgot to warn the driver to not smoke. In the end, Zueva scandal because of the smell of smoke in the cabin.”

Shoot a picture at night: shift starts at five PM and ends around seven in the morning.

“There are about 450 actors of crowd scenes, they play the fans, passers-by, – has shared with “StarHit” on-site “Trainer”. – Every day gets a salary of from 300 to 800 rubles. Only by the most conservative estimates, up to 5 July is the last day of shooting – Kozlovsky will spend on the extras more than 5 million rubles. Cheap pleasure”.

By the way, the actor never regretted money on loved ones and on their own projects. For example, some time ago Daniel took the beloved apartment in the city center and made it a comfortable environment. A luxury apartment located on Tverskaya street, near red square. Neighbours of the pair told “StarHit”, how they live it.

“At first we did not see the girl Kozlovsky, and heard it, shared the resident of the house Alain. – She’s loud for hours practicing. Goes to sunglasses and always look back – not who does it.”