With a song of life: what happened to the participants of the show “the Voice”

С песней по жизни: как сложились судьбы участников шоу «Голос» With the release of the sixth season of the popular vocal show “the Voice” viewers are increasingly began to think about what they do to those who were able to take first place. Users of the social network wondering how live artists won the hearts of millions, after the shooting. “StarHit” know what has changed in the lives of the winners.

Major television singing contest “the Voice” was launched on the First channel in the fall of 2012. Then the Russian analogue of the “The Voice” made a splash among lovers of quality music. It was the audience through SMS voting five consecutive seasons was voted best vocalist in the country. “StarHit” decided to find out what happened to each of them.

Dina Garipova

Russian Adele – the so-called Dean after participating in the popular TV show. Then for a charming girl from the team of Alexander Gradsky sent almost a million messages that exceeded 50 percent of the total votes. In the same year Garipova was awarded the title “Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan”, and in 2013 the singer took fifth place at the international competition “Eurovision”.

More than two years beauty is a soloist of the theater of the former coach of “city Hall” and performs regularly not only in Moscow but in other cities as part of the tour tours. But details of private life of celebrity conceals from strangers. Dean admitted that long to get used to the excitement caused by the victory on “the Voice.” However, still told the fans that in 2015, together with the beloved spent Nikah – Muslim wedding ceremony. Ordinance was attended by only the closest pair. After a while, the couple went on honeymoon to Cuba. Dina Garipova celebrated a wedding anniversary with her husband


A talented singer from Belarus from the first of the esters was able to win people’s love. Professionalism and the velvety tone Volchkova appreciated Alexander Gradsky, which for several months was a mentor artist. After a victory on “the Voice” Sergei has performed at major events in the capital, including in the Kremlin. A man proud for him Pakhmutova and Dobronravov wrote the song “glory to the suburbs”.

As Dina Garipova, gyroscopes are trying to advertise personal life. He believes that these topics should be only between lovers. A few months later, after meeting with the second half Natalia they were married. According to rumors, thanks to his wife Sergey was able to realize the importance of family in a person’s life.

Alexander Vorobyov

Once in the team to Town, a fragile blonde with a powerful voice could not leave the audience indifferent. Alexander conquered the fans of the TV show not only vocals, but singing well-known songs in foreign languages. Especially the star mentors was impressed with the number “waltz of Waltz”, sung in French Vorobyeva. Then the judges noted that not every artist is capable of reproducing the foreign words with such speed and hitting the right notes. National recognition helped the blonde to take first place in the “Voice” and still remain one of the most popular singers in the theatre “town hall”.

In 2015, the celebrity got engaged with her lover – Pavel Shevtsov. Interestingly, this man served as its Director. The festive ceremony took place in one of the most romantic places of Cyprus. It was there that the couple vowed each other eternal love. But formalized the relationship the young people later, already in Moscow. For a chic dinner in the restaurant was attended by a narrow circle of relatives and friends of the newlyweds.

Hieromonk Photios

A real surprise for the mentors and viewers was the appearance on stage of the fourth season of the cleric. Photius appeared before the public in a cassock and sang Lensky’s Aria from the Opera “Eugene Onegin”. Together with Grigory Leps monk thought through this music within the show.

Hieromonk Photios told about how falls in love with women

To participate in the contest the father Photios required formal permission of the Metropolitan. According to rumors, the request is sent to the First channel. After winning “the Voice” the monk congratulated not only fans and friends, but also senior officials – the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill noted that the people voted not only for the talent of the performer, but also for the image as a whole. Interestingly, in the next two months, the singer plans to perform in more than 20 cities of Russia.

Daria Antonyuk

Perhaps the most controversy was aroused by the victory of 21-year-old Daria Antonyuk in the fifth season of the competition. Beauty was in the team of Leonid Agutin. Until the very end the girl walked side by side with the already famous artist – Alexander by panajotovym. After the shooting did not abate disputes about who in the end had to win. The singer admitted to “StarHit” that it was not easy because of the condemnation from fans colleagues. The winner of “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk: “I know, why am I so negative!”

“Anyway, someone will hate you. This is normal, and I’m not surprised. Write nasty comments on social networks, saying that it was an unfair win. Just a lot of people who believed in the victory of Sasha, and then takes and wins the kind of twenty – year-old girl,” said Daria, “StarHit”.

While Dasha was not able to collect the funds promised for a victory on “the Voice” – the amount of one million rubles is still frozen. But the singer does not lose hope to spend money on creativity. However, now musical career Antoniuk has faded into the background – all the time, the star pays the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, as this year is for her prom. Despite this, fans regularly see darling on the main social events of the country. Her talent has already noted the most authoritative person in the domestic show business: Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Ivan Urgant and others.