Wissam al Mana wants to return Janet Jackson

Уиссам Аль Мана хочет вернуть Джанет Джексон

Qatari businessman Wissam al Mana, husband of Janet and father of her son, expressed his desire to return to his wife. A few weeks ago, the singer and the millionaire shocked the public statement about his separation, but now it seems he came to his senses and realized what she lost.

Last week Janet left their London house, at the same time, Wissam left a touching message which is already called the attempt to get your wife back.
“Thank the most beautiful person in the world for shared love, for unconditional support and for what was my best friend. I love you very much, and Yes Allah help us to be together always” — posted by Wissam and accompanied his tweet with a quote from the Koran.
Recall that a representative of al Mana has said that the couple actually broke up after five years of marriage, but on divorce it is not. Judging by the fact that after the birth of her son Issa, the singer was seen without a wedding ring, marriage problems started long ago. The reason for the breakup was that the Muslim Wissam didn’t like the publicity his wife.