Вайнона Райдер рассказала о скандале с воровством

In an interview with Porter Magazine, the actress Winona Ryder has remembered old, and it remembers the scandal of 15 years ago, which left a mark on her reputation and thus career. Then, in 2001, the actress was caught stealing in the Department store Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly hills.

Вайнона Райдер рассказала о скандале с воровством
Now, when the career of Winona went up again after oblivion (soon on the screens out the horror series “Very strange things” (Stranger Things)), Ryder sure did it too harshly just because of the fact that she is a celebrity. However, on the other hand, the actress confessed that he had received such a desired break from work, which could not be resolved.

“Then I was very tired from the constant work. That period was very difficult, and I just wanted to stop, but could not decide on it. Don’t want to go into details and tell you how it really is, but I can assure you that all was not as it looks from the outside.
The case has contributed to my break, so I’m glad it happened. After the verdict I returned to San Francisco and forgot all about it” — said Winona.
Today, many colleagues are looking for Winona and find himself as a Director or producer, but the actress admits that she never had any desire to stand on the other side of the camera.
“I’ve always looked at the story only from the point of view of the character embodied in the movie. I do not know. good or bad, but I still think the same way, it excites me as before. Even now I can’t sleep the day before the filming excitement – so I’m impressed” — said Ryder.


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