Вайнона Райдер рассказала о своих отношениях с Джонни Деппом
Johnny wasted no time.

Вайнона Райдер рассказала о своих отношениях с Джонни Деппом

Winona Ryder

Ryder, ex fiancee of johnny Depp, during a recent interview told
the details of his love story with the actor. But at the same time also expressed his point
of view on the conflict johnny and his wife amber heard.

Winona met
Depp when she was only 17 years — at the premiere of “Great balls of fire”. And just a year later
they officially announced their engagement. Ryder and young Depp was extremely
beautiful couple. All were confident that they would get married, but 4 years later, johnny and Winona

“Of course, I
can only speak about my personal experience. And according to my memories, behavior
Johnny was not like that describes amber. He never, never
behaved rudely towards me. I remember him as a loving, caring
the guy who always tried to protect me!” — said the actress.

“Of course,
I wasn’t there, and I’m not going to accuse anyone of lying. I just find it hard
to imagine that Depp acted as told to amber!” commented
Winona allegations of beatings, which Emier Hurd filed against Depp. Recall
the rider is not the first former women’s johnny who gets in his
protection. So, previously, Vanessa Paradis,
along with Depp for 14 years, said she does not believe that he could raise a hand
on a woman.

as for the Depp, while around his divorce with heard raging passions, he
is addressing their financial problems. Latest news: banking
account johnny added 11, 5 million dollars. This was reported by the website contactmusic.com. This amount johnny earned
the successful sale at auction of two paintings belonging to the brush of Jean-Michel
Basque. Both paintings went under the hammer for a price almost 2 times higher than
starting. Perhaps it was partially as a result of increased attention to their
the owner, resulting from associated with his name of scandal.

Winona Ryder and johnny Depp

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