Winokur recalled Leshchenko long-standing resentment

Винокур припомнил Лещенко давнюю обиду Comedian still can’t forget about drawing best friend. Vladimir Vinokur nearly lost his place in the Institute because of the act Leshchenko. According to the artist, it is with the situation and began their friendly relations.

March 31, Vladimir Vinokur was 70 years old. In honor of this event the friends of the men gathered in the Studio of “Hello Andrew!”. Among the guests was a longtime friend of the comedian Leo Leshchenko. Artists communicate since my student days, and their intimate relationship in the world of show business legends.

However, winokur decided to tell you about the circumstance in which happened their acquaintance. As it turned out, Leshchenko played future friend and almost deprived him of the opportunity to go to College.

“I remember standing, waiting for their turn to pass the entrance test. Here comes up to me young man, asks, am I going to do? He then told me that is a member of the selection Committee, was invited to some audience, where I was grimacing in front of the guys as I could. Showed them the numbers they sang, danced. In the end, he told me to come tomorrow. The next day my future mentor pounced on me with questions why I didn’t come for another entrance exam. That’s when I realized that Lev played me”, – shared memories of the man.

Vinokur has long been not offended, although then very angry at him. Later, the comedian came up with a lot of parodies, dedicated to Leshchenko. Rooms friend almost always liked singer, in spite of their funny context.

In the Studio, the program and family members of Vladimir Natanovich. His wife once told the story of their love, and the daughter remembered how dad tried to be around her every waking minute. Now the main joy in the artist’s life is his grandson, Theodore.

“We are great friends, happy playing together, having fun. He is so artistic, I think he will grow up to be a star. This will be my first anniversary, which will be Fedor, so we are very worried,” said winokur.

96-year-old mother of the artist are unable to attend the shoot, but recorded a video message addressed to the son. According to the woman, the comedian has always been a major joy in her life. Now Vladimir Natanovich every day to visit a relative. If he can’t come her for Breakfast because of tour, it definitely sends the videos from the concerts, which are very pleasing to the parent.

Listening to the soft words of friends and relatives, Vladimir Natanovich couldn’t hold back the tears. He noted that now he feels absolutely happy. Man wants to live many more happy years with close people.