Winning a million party show “Amazing people” divorced his wife

Выигравший миллион участник шоу «Удивительные люди» развелся с женой Edward Nekhaev in the air “Russia-1” told how his life has changed after the project. It turned out that he had divorced a wife who bore him two children, and find a new life companion.
Выигравший миллион участник шоу «Удивительные люди» развелся с женой

The program “live” with Andrey Malakhov today was dedicated to one of the most unusual projects “Amazing people”. Came to the Studio the participants of the first season of the show. Among them the winner of the musician Edward Nekhaev. The blind man conquered the audience with their ability of echolocation: he can see objects using sound waves. But this time, Edward has surprised fans not their skills. The focus was his relationship with women. Received a cash prize in the amount of one million rubles, he decided to radically change lives. The musician divorced his wife Angela, which led him to the project, and moved to Tallinn.

“The project has brought me now ex-wife. We lived together for five years, now divorced. But victory and divorce are not connected. We divorced before I was transferred a million” – justified by the man.

Ex-spouse has no claim to Edward. They remained friends and even had a party after the dissolution of the marriage. Now Angela and Edward live in different cities and communicate via Skype. Children (Nechaevym two daughters) were divided: the eldest went with his father, the younger remained with his mother. But most of all guests Malakhov was surprised that with Edward in Tallinn moved to a new wife. Everyone wondered how he managed so quickly to find a life partner. He did not disguise the fact that Catherine (the name chosen) they were introduced Angela.

Выигравший миллион участник шоу «Удивительные люди» развелся с женой

“I met with a young man, he was her ex-husband. Well, we have a relationship with him did not work out, because he was not very young and not very interesting, but Katya and Edward stayed together,” explained ex-wife nekhaeva.

Of course, many immediately assumed that the new wife of Edward could be self-interest – after receiving a large cash prize, the winner of the popular TV show – catch. But Katherine denies it.

“I didn’t know that he was the winner of the project. He was silent. So nothing to gain I had, – confidently said the woman. We tied some thread inside. Offer he did to me at first in verse, then the song”.

Nekhaev has ordered a million. He spent the money on rehabilitation. In addition, the man acquired sound recording equipment and released the single.