Обладатель премии «Оскар» Эдди Редмейн впервые стал отцом
The actor and his wife had a daughter.

Eddie Redmayne with his wife

Photo: Splash News/East news

Eddie Redmayne, winner of the 2015 Oscars and
“Golden Globe” for the role
Stephen Hawking in “the Theory of everything”, resides in the seventh heaven of happiness.
As confirmed by the representative of the actor, the actor’s wife Hannah gave birth to a daughter.
Parents have already come up with for the girls name, called the iris may.

that the wife is expecting a baby, Eddie said in January. At the same time admitted that their house was going to have a whole library of parenting books
children. Only now time to read them all, the couple was not. “They are
on a shelf and would look at us with reproach. After all, we already would have
to learn a new “profession” — parents…” — then admitted Redman.

by the way, before the baby, to light the actor had no idea, waiting for the wife
a boy or a girl. Hannah was opposed to
to find out the sex of the child. “Can we still ask this question during the next
ultrasound?” — tried
to convince husband Eddie. But she was adamant and flatly
answered: “No!” And since, according to Redmayne, the family she’s
main, he was compelled to obey. So the birth of a daughter to both was a pleasant surprise.

Hannah and Eddie married in December
2014, and since then the actor does not get tired to praise his wife. “I finally
felt happy and quite satisfied with life. Good luck with that
I have such a beautiful, wonderful and always ready to help me wife,” said the actor during one of his interviews.

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