Победившая в конкурсе Фадеева девочка подверглась травле в школе 14-year-old Dasha said “StarHit” on cooperation with the producer. The young singer impressed from participation in shares of Maxim Fadeev. But her classmates the news of the triumph took it and began to insult her.

Dasha Volosevich once again forced to talk about myself: two years ago, she blew up the Internet, rehash the hit of Victor Tsoi “Cuckoo” video on YouTube watched more than nine million times. Now a song for her to write the famous producer. He was three months accepted the bid video for the contest #Fadeevka, and two weeks ago, renamed it #Pageinspect decided to give the winner a composition of his own. Program random selection pointed to Dasha.

“I did not expect to win, admits “StarHit” Dasha. – Understood but me in the contest involved a lot of talented guys. But still decided – sang “lift” group “Pizza”, put the required tag. Still can’t believe I was lucky! I love Maxim Alexandrovich, his favorite song is “Dancing on glass”. But I prefer the rock style, I hope to me it will create a composition in that direction.

Mother, vocal coach and piano, with two years accustomed to the music played and I sang along. When I was three, she wrote the song “Hamster”, I performed at the contest “rainbow”. But in “Voice. The children” didn’t take, although tried twice. The jury says I’m at 14 too old.

Producer Tatiana jokes that I Frosya Burlakova. They say, came to the capital from the provinces two years ago, got an audition in the producer center “Ekol” and I was immediately offered cooperation. And to cover “Cuckoo”, which made me famous in the Network. Now I live between the two cities. In high school I started to be worse, to offend and insult. Perhaps it is envy. A teacher, on the contrary, proud, showed my clip to the class.”