Window “Krasnaya Gorka” — the key to a comfortable atmosphere

Окна «Красная Горка» — залог уютной атмосферы

Comfortable feel can only be indoors, protected from the street noise and the cold. Not surprisingly, the quality of glazing special requirements. Plastic Windows have several lost the trust of consumers, yielding the position of the leader designs from natural wood. Modern wooden Windows products with outstanding performance characteristics.

Окна «Красная Горка» — залог уютной атмосферы

The secret of high quality Windows “Krasnaya Gorka”

How to create a really reliable and beautiful window design? The answer to this question know the specialists of the company “Krasnaya Gorka”, which use only high quality raw materials, best paint materials and reliable accessories. The wood is carefully processed, which guarantees:

  • long service life (over 40 years);
  • impeccable aesthetic appearance;
  • the conservation of heat in the room.
  • excellent soundproofing.

Manufacturing process of wooden Windows are automated, which speeds up production and reduces the human factor influence.

Windows Krasnaya Gorka: options for all

To meet the needs of all customers is very difficult, but a wide range of products allows everyone to find money. The company’s craftsmen are always ready to create the window according to the sketch of the client regardless of the complexity of the project. Reliable manufacturer of window constructions of wood offers:

  • Wooden Windows — made of three-layer laminated veneer lumber (pine, larch or oak) with double glazing and durable German hardware. Excellent appearance design stems from the manufacture of wood and applying paint materials from leading European companies.

  • Wood-aluminium window construction, designed for operation in difficult conditions of a megacity with its aggressive atmosphere. With external the wooden frame is protected by a metal plate, with inner — pleasing beauty and warmth of natural wood decorating the interior.

  • Wooden Windows Economy — budget version, designed for glazing non-residential buildings or structures used only during the warm season. Savings due to the use of a two-layer laminated veneer lumber made of pine, twin-glass and easy swivel fittings.

  • Any of these window designs master company is ready to equip glass with special functional characteristics (laminated glass, stained glass, energy saving, etc.). “Red Hill” — your guide in the world of quality wooden Windows!