Ветром надуло: Самбурская устроила беременный флешмоб

Star series “Univer” so often asked about children, she decided to lift the veil of secrecy. She has two of them! And coming third.

Subscribers nastasi very concerned about her personal life. The girl 29 years old, and she is not married and without children. Well, how is it? Samburski and then asked: “Why one, when the family could go?” Or should she eat as netizens immediately see the pregnant belly. Apparently, the actress was tired of answering such questions and decided to say what he thinks, so she’d heard, or rather, to see that she is already two!

It all started with the fact that Nastasia has published a picture where she’s pregnant.

“Ready to become a mother for the third time. Who is the father of the child, frankly, like the last two times: I have no idea. Woke up pregnant. Did an ultrasound, eyes of baby blue. If someone know how it was respond. It’s not photoshop. In our family no photoshop!” – wrote the actress and then published a photo with two children.

Pictures star was accompanied by the hashtag #Samarskayaluka and thereby launched into Instagram every day is gaining great momentum pregnant flash mob.

After a few days “pregnant” TV presenter Alexander Khomenko…

“Went this morning to the page to Samburski, and Nastassja-is pregnant! Well, I was glad, then went to the mirror and was stunned… I Have exactly the same garbage! Woke up, already knocked up! Twins or one big guy. If you too are a victim of the immaculate conception, lay out your photo with the hashtag #samarskayaluka or call the hotline. Let’s not be silent about it!” – wrote the entertainer.

After a couple of hours in social networks were already dozens of photos of the girls, who told their amazing stories.

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“Today, woke up this morning and realized that I was pregnant. Boy, very happy. Grow quietly!” – wrote one follower.

“Decided to take a picture and was stunned…! Holidays were not in vain. How come I do not know. Well, okay. Have brought up. The folder will be glad (I hope). Who’s the father? And exactly the same wind blew,” – said another participant of the flash mob.

The strong half of the Internet is that it supports the action slightly. Only two men dared to try on pregnant bellies. But as they say, is not over yet!

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