Win tickets to the concert Therr Maitz

Выиграй билеты на концерт Therr Maitz

11 Nov Therr Maitz again perform at the Bud Arena, don’t miss the opportunity to get to the performance of a sensational group, whose leader is Anton Belyaev.

Therr Maitz – the main sensation in the Russian music over the last several years. Founder and group leader Anton Belyaev – talented musician, composer, and producer, history Therr Maitz proves that high-quality and stylish English draft can conquer the widest audience.

This year, the group was 5 years, and by its first anniversary Therr Maitz came in the status of the best performer in the Russian iTunes and Apple Music at the end of last year.

In October Therr Maitz introduced a new song and video My Love Is Like.

11 Nov Therr Maitz again perform at the Bud Arena, and returning on the scene is symbolic – it began with her ambitious solo performances of the group two years ago. This fall you will find a large and special concert: the new songs and a new show, as well as the draw of 5 pairs of tickets!

In order to participate in the competition should send the correct answers to mail of edition [email protected] with the subject line “I Want the concert Therr Maitz”. The results of the drawing will be announced on 10 November.

1. Where the unfolding action of the clip “My Love Is Like”:

  • • On the plane
  • In the supermarket
  • The plant

2. The platform was a big concert Therr Maitz, where he was first presented material from the new album Unicorn:

  • Crocus City Hall
  • ICON
  • Ray Just Arena

3. Version what award the group was recognized as the most popular Russian team in 2014:

  • “Golden gramophone”
  • “Event of the year”
  • Grammy