Уиллоу Смит всё ещё живёт с родителями

Independent, but not very much. Sixteen-year-old willow Smith, daughter of Hollywood couple will Smith and Jada Pinker Smith continues to live with his parents. The mother of the girl had to make excuses for a recent interview in which she said that her children no longer live in the same house. The guardians of morality began to press at jada, saying, her daughter is still too young to dive into adulthood, and the woman had to explain. It turns out that willow was not going to leave the family nest soon.

“Listen, moved only Jaden and Trey, willow still lives with me. I think she’s not leaving before she turned eighteen years old,” explained jada in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.
Jada also said that despite the fact that Jaden and Trey live in their own apartments, they are close in every sense of the word.
“Jaden lives five minutes from me, and Trey also lives very close. Every day they come to our home. The fact is that when children grow up, they begin to need more parents than ever before. I feel I need them more than ever, and it’s very nice,” said jada.