William and Kate celebrate wooden wedding

Уильям и Кейт отмечают деревянную свадьбу

Five years ago, the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton became one of the biggest events of the century. First anniversary of marriage, they said surprisingly modest.

Last time around the Dukes William and Catherine Cambridge does not cease talking. In press the information appeared that William, as his father Prince Charles, even within marriage can not forget an old friend. Supposedly, he continues meeting with his first love Jessica Craig, and his family idyll with Kate – just an illusion…

Under these circumstances, the inhabitants of Britain, and all who care about the Affairs of the English Royal court, was looking forward to the first of the five-year anniversary of the Dukes of Cambridge – 29 April 2016. But no statements about the program of the celebration was not done…

However, the crafty journalists still found out how the famous family spends their first holiday. As reports the edition “Us Weekly” with reference to close to couple the source, William and Kate are enjoying a “quiet and private” celebration in the family circle. In addition, according to the insider, the couple feel like I have already mentioned the anniversary during a recent trip to India and Bhutan.

By the way, in England, as in Russia, the fifth anniversary is called the wooden wedding, “newlyweds” decided to give the products made of this material. Any gifts received today William and Kate unknown. But hopefully soon they will traditionally report to the people, once again demonstrating that in their family all is well.

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