Уилл Смит рассказал всю правду о своем «свободном браке»
The actor miraculously managed to avoid divorce.

Will Smith with wife and children

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The will gave a surprisingly Frank interview in which he told the story
his family life. And it turned out to be not as idyllic as assured
Smith earlier. As he admitted, “open marriage” almost drove him to divorce.

unusual even for a Hollywood marriage, will Smith went for many years. And although
that both the actor himself and his wife
Jada — unanimously argued that they are fine, a refused
to believe. And, as it turned out, was absolutely right.

Will lived
to Jada for almost 22 years, including 19 years in wedlock. Raised two children: their son Jayden, now 18, and daughter willow, 15 years. For many years in Hollywood
there are rumors about the infidelity of spouses. The will was accused of cheating on your wife — for example,
Australian actress Margot Robbie. Then jada was suspected in the novels “on
side” — including with Director Joss Whedon. But each time, accusations of infidelity, both replied that they behave within their mutual
agreement. “I’m not going to play the role of nodemocracy with my husband. He is an adult
man himself is responsible for his behavior!” commented once jada rumors
about another husband’s affair. And added that for her it is not a problem. Since
she will “open marriage”.

And suddenly
it turned out that it was all a lie. It turns out that the star couple narrowly escaped
divorce. “We spent a long time painfully
tried to save our marriage. For this, we went on the endless session
therapist. And you know, it was awfully hard to sit in front of his wife and
put the truth — what I think and feel. And in response to hear that she
really thinks about me and our life. I just could not imagine
after that we both said it will be possible to live together. But fortunately, when we passed the most difficult stage, suddenly became easier. It was
as a cleansing. I’m glad, ultimately, therapy for us to work, —
told will. — I very much hope that we managed to come to an understanding,
to fix our relationship, and we will save our marriage…”

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