Уилл Смит продолжает радовать поклонников своей одеждой

Уилл Смит продолжает радовать поклонников своей одеждой

The famous American actor will Smith already has experience in fashion, his first collection made a splash among fans. He recently presented his second line of clothing in sporty style.

The new line was fully developed by actor and performed in the style of the TV series “the fresh Prince of Bel-air”. He dedicated this collection to this series, as it played a major role in it, and it was one of his favorite works.

It should be noted that the collection does not only consist of sportswear, it also includes sports equipment: balls, bags, wallets and notebooks. All fans will need to hurry up with the clothes shopping of their favourite brand, the whole entire collection released in limited and sales will be only the first two weeks of October 2019. Also the store has the ability to send their goods around the world.

The cost of clothing and equipment are different and allow her everyone can. The product price starts from $ 6 and ends with 200. The colors were chosen just three shades: calm gray, bright yellow and deep blue. A model for clothes and sports equipment made directly by will Smith. Many of the items depicted his face with a basketball ball in the form of cartoons.

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