Павел Воля заставил Надежду Сысоеву испытать ужасы Средневековья
The actress had such a fear on the set of the show “Improvisation”.

Nadezhda Sysoeva and Paul Will

Photo: Press service of TNT

It turns out that
the words “improvisation” and “Inquisition” are similar not only in sound. Make sure
this will be this Thursday at 22: 00 on TNT!

Do you think that in the mind of blondes
spinning only the “mi-mi-mi” and “pusi-pusi”, and in the bag is always sugar
bone for a teacup Chihuahua? It’s time to stop believing these myths! 31
Aug Hope Sysoeva will give improvisers such buzzwords as
“cold storage” and “fluorographic”, to make them recite Yesenin, to transform into
Kirkorov and arrange a rap battle. However, she will not forgive and pretty
torment poor Nadia in the new game this season “Strange restaurant”.

I have watched the show
“Improvisation”, and most of all I liked the heading “Prompter” — said
Nadezhda Sysoeva. — I often imagined myself in her and I thought, what are the buzzwords
you can throw the actors. To be honest, on the screen, everything looks much easier.
Why me came to mind such strange words in the “Prompter”? I do not know. Everything was
spontaneously. In this is the beauty of the show – you never know
will happen next. But the new game “Strange restaurant” was for
I was very difficult, because, in my opinion, the issue was not such
challenging the names of the restaurants! Actors, of course, tried very hard, but Paul Will
helped with their tips. I did it! I really enjoyed the show
the actors, the jokes, the atmosphere at the site. Thank you for not let me burn in the fire
the Inquisition!”