Will Paul called the Crimea “the armpit”

Павел Воля обозвал Крым «подмышкой»

Will Paul strikes again with an acuteness of his mind and sense of humor.

This time of reasoning of the showman was awarded to the Peninsula of Crimea, which in 2014 was annexed to Russia. Will not mince words and called the Crimea “armpit”, where you can warm up if the winter frosts dipped to a mark of minus 60 degrees, “”You in the West are outraged about the annexation of Crimea. You annexed the Crimea on her own. Yes, we’d freeze just! We had a warm place. If this winter will be -60, and Miami we connect, okay?! We have a cold” jokes will on the scene.– Really, well you look at the map: that great body and here Sochi – just warm podmyshek such. And therefore needed the Crimea, really, to the second podmyshek was true.”

Recall the recent discontent in the Network caused a monologue of Will on topics of the residents of Yekaterinburg.