Никому не отдаст гонорар: звезда сериала «Мыслить как преступник» выиграла суд против бывших юристов

On Monday, the judge ruled in favor of the stars of criminal minds”, canadian actress A. J. cook in the case against her former lawyers, who wanted to receive 5% of the fees for the celebrity series.

As claimed by the actress, lawyer Neil Meyer and his firm “Meyer & Downs” has increased the amount of payments of its fee from 2.5% per episode of up to 5%. Manager at A. J. cook David Guillod — organized increase in payments with the company without her consent.

The actress has fired Gilled in 2017, when he was accused of sexually abusing four women. These accusations, by the way, the man denies. Cook then stopped paying, and lawyers, and former company of Gilled “Primary Wave”.

Then the company “Meyer & Downs” has filed a lawsuit against the actress, stating that she must pay her the fee due to the oral contract. Attorney cook, Michael Salz, argued that such a contract is not enforceable because of the unforeseen expenses.

During the court session that was held on Monday, a superior court judge Gregory W. Alarcon agreed with the position of A. J. cook and Michael Salza, deciding that “since the agreement on remuneration dealt with in this respect is the agreement to pay unexpected expenses… and since the agreement was concluded orally, the contract is null and void.”

Cook, meanwhile, filed another lawsuit “Meyer & Downs” to 85 return her $ 500 that she had earlier paid the firm, but also offset additional losses. In her lawsuit States that the company illegally disclosed her confidential information.

— This is a big win for A. J. cook and all of the actors who are subjected to abuse by their representative, said attorney Michael Salz. — Although the case is still pending, claims “Meyer & Downs” by A. J. essentially nothing left.

He added that the claims “Meyer & Downs” there was no reason from the beginning. They were illegal on many levels, and no reasonable attorney would not pursue them.

Now, when we won on the merits, we will submit a claim to the “Meyer & Downs” and their lawyers — said Salz.

A. J. cook is widely known for his role in the TV series “criminal minds” TV channel “CBS”. In it, the actress played the role of FBI special agent Jennifer “Jay-Jay” jareau. The celebrity also starred in Sofia Coppola’s “Virgin killer” and played the main female role in the horror film “final destination 2”.

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