Will Ferrell can play Kanye West in his biopic

Уилл Феррелл может сыграть Канье Уэста в его байопике

Kanye West is a talented person, in some ways, even unique. Not having any outstanding qualities, the rapper and designer was able to convince everyone around that he was a messenger of God, entrusted with a special mission – to carry the weight fine.

Admiration yourself from Kanye is so great that he decided to shoot a biopic, where you should see the path climbing West to the Olympus of fame and success.

Starring in the biopic oddly enough is not Kanye. This mission he will entrust another representative of show business, which will, most likely, will Ferrell.

It is important to note that the biopic will be not serious and preachy nature, but rather the Comedy: “He (Kanye) for a very long time mulling over this idea and shared his thoughts with will. He does not take himself too seriously, he feels that it should be a Comedy, not a preachy film,” he told the publication DailyStar one of the friends of the rapper.

Who will be the Director of this biopic is not specified. It is known that the film is interested in Adam McKay created Comedy “Cops in a deep reserve”.

Not the superfluous will tell, that is a big fan of Ferrell and repeatedly confessed his love for his work. Once the rapper thanked the actor for “years of joy”, which he gave him through his work, and at other times called will one of his “personal gods”.