«Дикие карты» Джорджа Мартина станут сериалом

George Martin, who became one of the highest paid authors, gave us the series, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern TV. It is on the basis of the works of this writer created “Game of thrones”. Now the cycle of Martin’s books will become the Foundation of the new series.

About this George informed personally by posting on Twitter the following message: “the”Wild card”… close to the film. Adding that the work on the new show has already begun.

It is noteworthy that to take part in writing the script, Martin will not be because he works on the script continue “game of thrones”: “I Have an exclusive contract to write the screenplay for HBO, in addition, as many of you probably remember, I write “winter Wind”… But I am absolutely sure Melinda Snodgrass and Gregory Novice. They know and love the universe “Wild cards” is almost the same as I, and I think they’ll do just fine”.

Note that the “Wild card” differ significantly from “Games of thrones”. In the cycle of novels, consisting of 22 books, told the times after world war II.

On Manhattan spray alien virus that is spreading across the Earth. It kills 90% of the population, and the survivors gain super powers, divided into “aces” (1%) and “Joker” (9%).

The tentative date of the premiere of the new series is unknown.


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