Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

In the nineties Vlad Stashevsky was incredibly popular as a performer. It was called a promising young man Ukupnik and Aizenshpis (successful producer). His songs never ceased to some radio clips riveted viewers to their TV screens. However, at the moment when some crazy famous singer almost unheard of. What’s wrong with him now? Who is the wife of Vlad stashevskii? What does he do?

First love

When Vlad was still only a rising star and the fashion of the time wore shoulder-length hair, he met with Natalia Vetlitskaya. The singer was ten years older than him, but this did not prevent the rapid Roman, which began in 1993.

Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

Vlad and Natalia

To one of the concerts of Natalia, a young singer arrived with a bouquet of luxury red roses, which if all handed over his beloved. But the name Natalia the Saltykov not too firmly entrenched in the biography of Vlad – the couple broke up after only a few months. Rumor has it that, as in the case of Dmitry Malikov, the reason was treason of Vetlitskaya.

First wife

A few years later private life of Vlad stashevskii made a sharp turn, and in 1997, he married Olga Aleshina. Her name is known throughout the country thanks to her father, who is the owner of the sports complex “Luzhniki”. It is not surprising that they met, because the “Luzhniki” are also popular venue for concerts.

The encounter took place on the ship, where Olga had a rest with friends. Vlad was invited by the artist. After his speech they talked. Despite the fact that Olga’s parents were initially opposed to her choice, she still became the wife of Vlad stashevskii.

Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

Vlad and Olga

The news of the marriage of a favorite singer surprised his fans and groupies. Still, he has created an image of a sort of Casanova, who will spend time with beautiful girls, but will remain a bachelor. Despite this scenic image, undoubtedly created to attract the attention of a female audience, a year later the couple had a son named Daniel. To the boy the attitude of the parents of Olga was different, and they had nothing against the child, as it happens in some families. But the relationship to Vlad it has not changed, for some reason they still disliked. Unfortunately, the constant pressure from the mother-in-law and father-in-law played a role – the relationship of the couple deteriorated, and in 2002, quarrel to the nines, they divorced.

Divorce Aleshina Vlad endured very hard.

Primarily due to the fact that he literally was not allowed to see his son, which Stashevsky doted. However, when insults from the ex-wife dulled, he was able to get meetings with Daniel, and his life is normal.

Second wife

Four years later, after the break with Aleshina Stashevsky married again. Irina Migulya-educated psychologist, helped him to cope with the problems remaining after a divorce. At the moment, Vlad rarely performs concerts, occupied with work belonging to the company “volna-M”. However, if he still participates in nostalgic concerts dedicated to the 90s, Irina helps him with the organization. By profession a woman works for several years.

The wedding took place in Las Vegas, there the couple spent their honeymoon.

Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

Vlad and Irina; Vlad and his son Timothy

In 2008 they had a boy named Timothy. Children Vlad stashevskii spend a lot of time with him, despite the employment of his father. Two sons he loves equally, Irina is also in a good relationship with Vlad’s son from his first marriage. Daniel and Timothy are friends.

Vlad Stashevsky now

Let’s sad to think that Vlad actually broke up with the work, for it should rejoice. His business brings him a good income, at the same time, it is useful to a wide range of people. He is happily married with two sons. Besides, for good of the creative sector, he hasn’t left yet: he recently appeared in several television shows and starred in the TV series “beauty Salon”.

Wife Vlad stashevskii, personal life

A recent photo of Vlad stashevskii