Жена Виталия Егорова. Краткая биография и личная жизнь

Vitaly Egorov received the title of honored artist of Russia in 2001. Despite the success and fame of a talented actor, securing him long before he married just 40 years.

The reason for the lateness of creating a family was to find the one, which will be his only love for the whole life. Wife Vitali Yegorov, as he says himself, his support system.

The actor can only envy that his dream came true and he lives with the man that he is perfect in everything.

		Жена Виталия Егорова. Краткая биография и личная жизнь

Vitaly Yegorov

His choice was a native of Dnipropetrovsk named Natalia. Information about it can be a little find in an interview. The actor carefully guards his personal life from the cameras of journalists is much more likely describing family life words. Find the pictures wife Vitaliy Egorov incredibly difficult and photos that have his daughter, it seems, not impossible. Their men have two: Anna and Maria. The photo below is probably the only one in which a couple is together.

		Жена Виталия Егорова. Краткая биография и личная жизнь

Vitaly and (presumably) his wife

For Vitaly it was a first marriage. At the same time, he was always surrounded by female attention, literally rolling in it. However, the actor hesitated.

“I waited for the moment when I find my man” – sincerely talking about their feelings Egorov.

And, apparently, he found it. Wedding lovers played in 2008, but still behave like newlyweds: the repair, shop and, without saying a word, pointing to the same piece of furniture together resolve all misunderstandings without turning the dialogue into a fight.

When they started to date, Natalia did not know that her boyfriend is a famous actor, at the time, as Vitaly saw in her his ideal Ukrainian girl. After three years of relationship he proposed to her, and this morning they were married, and then went each to his work. In the evening the relatives gathered at the newlyweds home to congratulate the marriage, and to celebrate this event.

		Жена Виталия Егорова. Краткая биография и личная жизнь

Much more common to see pictures of Vitaly with his colleagues on stage

Vitali is not a problem to restore order at home and cook for his wife and children dinner if they come back later.

Many in the head is the stereotype that the family is the wife should do the housework, but Egorov was sympathetic to the fact that it works the same and is tired, therefore, these duties are divided equally.