Wife Victoria Beckham was suspected of using Botox

Супруга Виктории Бекхэм заподозрили в использовании ботокса
David was not as brave as his wife.

Супруга Виктории Бекхэм заподозрили в использовании ботокса

David Beckham with son Brooklyn

Photo: @davidbeckham(Instagram David Beckham)

David Beckham appeared with his wife Victoria and son
Brooklyn Fashion Week in new York, surprised her a view of the guests.
The fact that the 42-year-old retired looked much younger than
more recently. Therefore a new photo
David made the other day and appeared
Instagram Vogue
which he captured with his son, caused a heated discussion with the Network.

The discussion started with the fact that one of the fans
commented on a picture, writing: “the Botox looks great on David!” But Beckham categorically
denied the accusation. “No Botox. However, thanks for the compliment!” — he reacted. David decided, in all
visibility: confessing that ran plastic surgeon, he
would look courageously enough.

Incidentally, the wife of David was much more daring,
than her husband. Victoria found the
brave enough to honestly admit that she has done plastic
operation: inserted silicone implants. According to reports, in 1999,
after she gave birth to her first child, son Brooklyn, she decided on
plastic surgery. Increased chest size 34 to A size 34 DD. But
only after forty, becoming a recognized fashion icon and owner of the fashion Empire and giving birth to
three more children, she managed to gain enough confidence to
to decide to remove the implants. “I have them no more!” — proudly said Victoria. And
gave other women advice: “Never do anything with her Breasts! I
denied what I did, for years. And it was of course silly. It was all
a symptom of my insecurity. Accept yourself just as you are!”

David Beckham with son Romeo