Wife told George Clooney to meet with friends-drinking buddies

Жена запретила Джорджу Клуни встречаться с приятелями-собутыльниками
Amal Clooney wants the husband led an exceptionally healthy lifestyle.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Fotodom.ru

38-year-old wife of George Clooney imposed a “veto” one of the favorite activities of her husband – hanging out with old friends, which, in her opinion, too much drink and have a 55-year-old George a bad influence. First in the “black list” Amal Alamuddin is a famous actor bill Murray, one of the closest friends of George. Bill overly fond of alcohol, loves to fool around and have fun. Recently, the actor personally stood behind the bar, owned by his son in new York, prepared cocktails and served everyone a drink. Murray was one of the few guests at Clooney’s wedding in Venice in August 2014.

Since there were rumors that Amal can not stand most of her husband’s friends. And as can trying to break him of his bachelor habits – namely going to the hen and to enjoy the company of friends. For example, it has long, though not entirely successfully, fighting with Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber. It is the closest friends of Clooney, and even companions brand of tequila, which they together with the husband of the former model launched. Once, before his marriage, George even wanted to buy a large house at the Mexican resort where they love to hang out, but the wise Crawford managed to dissuade him from this idea.

Amal thinks George is undermining your health and appearance,communicating with friends. It has followed closely to the actor and filmmaker ate fast food, didn’t drink, did yoga, in a Word, did. Himself Clooney loves to run, ride a bike, play basketball and to go with friends on long hikes.

He has recently finished filming a new movie as a Director under the scenario of brothers Cohen and himself. The film starred again old friends Clooney, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Julianne Moore, When another close friend brad pitt has happened, Clooney, however, learned about it from journalists. That day, when it became known that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband. Incidentally, many at the time wondered why Jolie and pitt was not at the wedding of Clooney and Amal. According to one version, Amal and Angelina from the beginning took a dislike to each other, on the other – brad has always been among the so-called “companions” by George, and both ladies chose to keep them away from each other. .