Жена Стаса Костюшкина получила работу «через постель»
Julia Kostyushkin resumed her career as a dancer.

Photo: Instagram

Most people who watch TV, convinced that show business can I get a job solely “through the bed”. So if it actually happens, there is no information, however, in the case of Yulia Kostyushkina have official confirmation. Wife Stas Kostushkin she admitted that her new job as a dancer in the music video the popular performer — she got that way. One only has to mention that the singer who will soon to appear in another video, it’s her legal husband, Stas Kostyushkin.

When Stas has announced that it soon plans to make a video to show Julia, his fans were outraged. They say, it is dishonest and “on the pull”.

“Why just to pull? — exclaimed Stas. — Nothing to pull, and a bed!”

Both spouses, who have a good sense of humor, liked the joke that now all posts on the shooting, they put the hashtag #certmaster.

By the way, to remove their “second halves” in the clips and record duets with them — it is common practice stars. For example, exactly on the stage appeared the wife of Igor Nikolaev. A former colleague Kostyushkina in the group “Tea for two” Denis Klyaver and did off his wife Irina already in three clips! Nikolay Baskov at the time of the novel with Oksana Fedorova also recorded with her the song and shot the video.

Kostyushkina scheduled for the coming days. Each day Julia goes to the dance Studio which teaches dance. It is not for her difficulty because she is a professional dancer, once upon a time she worked in the group “Tea for two” and has performed at concerts together with Stas and Denis.