Жену Стаса Костюшкина обвинили в хамстве
Julia Kostyushkin pays no attention to the evil comments subscribers.

Yulia and Stas Kostushkin

Photo: Elena Sukhova

The wife of popular singer Stas Kostushkin — Julia admitted that followers of her personal blog on Instagram accused her of rudeness! At first Julia did not pay attention to the evil comments, but then
he decided to answer. “While some aunts and uncles to discuss the orientation and
the tights are my husband, my “rude” answers, illiteracy and stupidity,
kiss your the best, kind and sexy Stas, standing at with
Notre Dame De Paris, and tell him that I love him more than life itself!” she wrote on the Network.

Not left side and the Stas. He also spoke in defense of his beloved woman. Under the photo
his wife he wrote: “I Want to again remind all those who refuse
to understand what a family is — says the singer. — This is when you will break, whether you’re right or not. My Julia is, and
that’s what I call “family happiness”.

By the way, the couple Kostyushkina are now in Paris, where
a few days ago celebrated the birthday of Julia. Stas arranged a surprise for his
beloved, thus fulfilling her dream. “Happiness, it is here! I never
would have thought that one birthday I will celebrate in Paris that
will be in Fontainebleau, I’m going to walk the corridors of the Palace, where all the children were born
Catherine de ‘ Medici, where in the Park walking Napoleon Josephine, where in the square at the entrance
fighting Musketeers with the cardinal’s guards, ” says Julia. — This is an incredible birthday! Thank you
a huge to everyone for the amount of congratulations, warm words and wishes!
Thanks to my parents for me that, thanks to my husband. You are my personal
wizard, thanks to my kids, the best boys in the world, giving me the meaning
life, thank you my friends, you have so many that don’t list all, and it
happiness three times more”.

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