Wife stars of the “Streets of the broken lanterns” horrified by the story about the last days of the actor

Жена звезды «Улиц разбитых фонарей» ужаснула рассказом о последних днях актера
Sergey Kudryavtsev conducted in the last path.

Sergey Kudryavtsev

Last Friday in the Lensovet theatre said goodbye to the 56-year-old Sergey Kudryavtsev. The actor died after a serious illness. His wife at the memorial service spoke about how difficult the last few months of life.

As it turned out, the star of the series “Streets of broken lamps” hid their illness from others until recently. Kudryavtsev didn’t want to leave the stage and, in order to have the strength for further speech, took extreme measures. Before the audience Sergei appeared hidden in the sleeve of the dropper. Despite his illness, he continued to delight fans with his brilliant roles. Back in may, he continued to work in theatre, but later, Sergei still took a career break. This was due to the fact that he… lost his voice.

“What is for the artist to lose the voice? It’s death… It was scary… quotes the wife of actor kp.ru. — All this Seregino the disease I carried. I think he was just relieved… He couldn’t live without a voice, lying down without getting up…” relatives From Kudryavtseva in Russia there is no one left except his wife Irina, so it was decided to cremate the artist and the urn with the remains to send to his mother in Estonia. Husband Sergei was worried after she left to take care of the grave of actor will simply no one.

Kudryavtseva filmography includes over 80 roles in movies and TV series. Sergei remembered by the audience thanks to the advent of “Gangster Petersburg” and “Lethal force” as well as starring in the TV series “Streets of broken lamps”.