Wife Roma Zhukov ready to ditch my kids and go to the United States

Жена Ромы Жукова готова бросить детей и уехать в США It is not excluded that after the divorce, Elena starts a new life. Now Roma Zhukov with his wife is not ready to make concessions to each other and make up. They exchanged mutual reproaches and intend to divide the property.
Жена Ромы Жукова готова бросить детей и уехать в США

Recently it became known about the scandal in the family artist of the hit song “I love you, girls” Roma Zhukov. After 13 years of marriage with his beautiful wife Elena he decided to divorce. The couple has six children.

As it turned out, something was wrong in the family began a year ago. During this time the woman raised the children while her husband was engaged in business in Sochi. Now the wife of the artist is painfully aware that everything she dreamed of is crumbling. Roma Zhukov moved out from his wife

“I thought that we would have a big happy family, gave himself completely to her husband, I was myself on the last place put – no salons, no fitness, just a housewife. But in the end in my fly accusations that I’m a whore, an alcoholic, I party at night. I am sorry, I love someone. When I was pregnant, refused things, why me a lot. I have no car, I’m not spoiled,” said Elena.
Жена Ромы Жукова готова бросить детей и уехать в США

Wife Zhukov reminded of the tragedy when their seventh daughter Lisa was five years old, had an accident on the Playground. At that moment Elena and Roma were in Australia. The woman was waiting for the birth of another child. She tried to time pregnancies to leave the country to get rid of unnecessary criticism, to be able to rest and prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Now Elena doesn’t understand what happened in their relationship. While she sees only one way out – divorce. The man also is not eager to save the family. Spouse Zhukov does not exclude that her husband could meet another woman.

“Maybe someone came in 13 years. When a woman is pregnant, some men are walking. But all was on trust,” – says Elena.
Жена Ромы Жукова готова бросить детей и уехать в США

Roma himself admits that his relationship with a beautiful young wife was far from ideal. According to him, they pretended to be a loving couple only under a sight of cameras. He complains that Elena was not engaged in farming. Even a large family – completely her idea, and he simply supported her in this.

In the case of divorce, spouses will have to divide property – and it is two apartments in the center of Moscow and a house in the suburbs cost about 40 million rubles. Elena hopes that the man will leave her and her heirs, but the artist does not share this position.

“I love children and I love them. No one ever did with them, will not separate. What happened with Lena – standard situation,” said Roma, as soon as he entered the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.
Жена Ромы Жукова готова бросить детей и уехать в США

Elena admitted during the year was silent about the unpleasant situation in the family. She had to pawn jewelry in a pawnshop to get money to feed the children. However, according to Roma, he regularly transferred large sums to the wife. Artist resent the fact that lately she has become to afford a lifestyle that does not fit mothers.

“Everything was kept on my patience – drinking, partying. Polina was otitis media, she knew that at 11 am she will do the operation, I called her, she didn’t pick up. She knew we had to pick up my daughter, but it is not there,” said Roma.

Experts in the Studio suggested that the couple have a chance to restore the relationship and the reason for this crisis is nothing more than the fatigue of Helen and the voltage of Roma in connection with the opening of a new business.

Later it became clear that now before Elena opens new opportunities – it has the right to legally live in the United States. In a fit of anger and irritation, she said that even ready to leave the kids on the education of Roma. Thanks to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” Elena tried at least one day to plunge into the life dreamed. She went for a workout in the gym, went to the beauty shop, shopping and to the restaurant tonight to briefly escape from the home routine.

However, not all the guests in the Studio was on the side of Helena. On the contrary, they supported Roma because he works hard to provide for his family. They believe that the wife should understand her husband is a famous actor. Present in the hall Irina Amanti even said that Elena actually has a young lover, and therefore she does not seek to preserve the family. In the following program “live” the producer promised to disclose proof of his words.

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