Жена Ричарда Гира отказывается переезжать к нему в США The third in my lifetime the wedding the 68-year-old actor decided to play in two steps. American friends and relatives were able to congratulate Richard and his wife Alejandra Silva at the Grand celebration on may 6 in new York. However, the lovers have legalized their relationship in the beginning of April, staging a modest civil ceremony.
Жена Ричарда Гира отказывается переезжать к нему в США

The details of their wedding, Richard and Alejandra chose not to share, so the public remains only to speculate… Before 35-year-old Alejandra said that he wanted to get married in his native province of Galicia.

“Richard and believers, it is important for us to be married, – she told. – My ex-husband we didn’t have a Church ceremony, so this will be my first real marriage.”

To the surprise of many, the bride immediately made it clear that after the American part of the celebrations will return to live in Madrid. There’s her parents, friends, preparatory school 5-year-old son of albert…

“There is no problem to cross the ocean, – says Alejandra. – We live between continents for three years, but we manage to be apart for longer than two weeks”.

Dark times

Alejandra Silva appeared in the life of Richard by chance and not suddenly. The actor has long been friendly with her father, Ignacio, a construction magnate and a former Vice-President of football club “real Madrid”. Young Alejandra knew that my dad’s buddy in films, but his films did not look. She had other idols and interests.

When Alejandra was married to an engineer Govinda Friedland, whose family made a fortune in the extraction of natural resources, it was not up to Richard. They met again eight years later, in the summer of 2014, in the hotel “Villa Treville” on the coast of Italy. Richard came to rest. Alejandra worked the last days as the management of hotels owned by the husband, who was getting divorced.

“I felt lost, – she said. – In life there was no light and meaning than my son.”
Жена Ричарда Гира отказывается переезжать к нему в США

Richard married the business was slightly better. He no longer lived together with his second wife Cary Lowell, but divorce was threatened with the actor’s loss of half of the state. Cary believed that Richard needs to compensate for her need to give up your career for the sake of the education of his son Homer. However gear out of my own problems and rushed to save him from depression, the daughter of an old friend.

“It’s like he took me by the hand and led on the right path, said Alejandra. – Became a Prince, near whom I could feel like a Princess. I’ll never forget that Richard then did for me”.

Delayed karma

Alejandra affair with a man 33 years older than naturally caused panic among her family. Recently, however, the journalists managed to marvelously sympathetic review of a new mother-in-law of the actor, Paula.

“We always knew that Richard will give a hundred points to any man, she said. – We should recognize him not as a friend but as a family member, doubts gave way to adoration. We think that Alejandra needed to bear him a child.”

The young wife answers questions about the replenishment of the family evasively, although one day the paparazzi managed to catch them with Richard outside the clinic of reproductive medicine.

“I’m focused primarily on the son, and the second on the work of the Fund of assistance to the homeless”, – prioritizes Mrs. Geer. On this mission Alejandro prompted Richard. When she first came to him in new York, the actor was preparing for a hobo in the movie “the Break thoughtlessness”: he was sleeping on the street and asked alms with these tramps. Alejandra did not expect such a turn, but after conversations with new friends Gere imbued with the desire to help.

“I love Richard for his ability to sympathize, she explained. – He has a lot of qualities, intelligence, sense of humor, but for me most importantly his big heart.”

Shared passion for improving the world leads to the fact that a couple easier to catch at a meeting of the government of Spain or at the reception of the Pope, than at social events.

Richard argues that the third wife has found the harmony and peace of mind, which he lacked. “Our karmas are drawn to each other,” says the actor. Ex-wives, Cindy Crawford and Carey Lowell also thought about karma, but put in a completely different meaning. When they lived with Gere, the star of the family he was. His needs, opinions and desires were of paramount importance. Now Richard is not as fresh, relevant and popular, and his wife is young, energetic and is used to getting what he wants. So he, a Buddhist, agrees to get married in the Catholic Church and go to Madrid more often than Alejandra in new York. What if the young lady will be disappointed, Richard can paint to tell her ex-husband. When after the break he came home to pack up, the bodyguards of the Spanish flu laid him down on the floor face down and put the gun to a temple.

“I didn’t give him permission to enter, – has unperturbably explained Alejandra came to the police. In my opinion, he tried to commit a burglary”.