Wife Presnyakova told how to avoid divorce

Супруги Пресняковы рассказали, как избежали развода In the family of Elena and Vladimir became a tense situation. As told by the musician, one day during an argument he presented to his wife all claim. Despite some disagreements, Presnyakovy happy together for many years.
Супруги Пресняковы рассказали, как избежали развода

Vladimir and Elena Presnakova are an example for many of the perfect couple. The couple is happily married for about 50 years. The musicians became the heroes of the program “Smak” Ivan Urgant. They came to the kitchen in the Studio of the First channel, where under the guidance of the presenter cooked the meat with cheese and mayonnaise.

Marriage musicians – a role model for many friends and fans. On the stage, and they rarely fight.However, the relationship of Vladimir and Elena’s not always everything was perfect. The couple admitted Ivan Urgant, which sometimes seriously in conflict.

“We are just too lazy to get a divorce. One day we were fighting, decided to divorce. I said: “Vova is not from you,” and she threw an ashtray. Still have the dent in furniture”, – said Vladimir Presnyakov-senior.

The couple are still incredibly in demand as artists. They are often on tour in Russia and CIS countries. However, Vladimir and Elena does not deny that the main joy in life is to become grandchildren.

“After Volodya and Natasha’s baby was born, we have to wait for grandchildren from Nikita. Especially now he’s married,” – said the wife.

Communicating with Ivan Urgant, Vladimir Presnyakov senior told me that long ago chose for his grandson Nikita profession. He wanted to make the boy continued the family tradition and became a musician. However, star successor for a long time showed interest in an acting career and only recently began professionally singing.

But the son of Vladimir, according to star parents, from childhood showed an interest in music. Elena Presnyakova said that loves all the songs of the son, but especially appreciates his lyrical creativity.

The undisputed leaders of VIA “Gems” do not like to discuss personal life. They emphasize that long ago learned all the strengths and weaknesses of the characters to each other. To gain a perfect understanding Vladimir and Elena helped music. In the program “Smak” Presnyakov-senior performed a few songs on the clarinet, and Ivan Urgant accompanied the artist on acoustic guitar.