Wife Pogrebnyak took a walk on a gorgeous wedding of a relative

Супруги Погребняк погуляли на шикарной свадьбе родственника The brother of the football player married. Pavel and Maria Pogrebnyak could not miss such an important family event and arrived at the event together with children. Fans said good evening lady athlete.
Супруги Погребняк погуляли на шикарной свадьбе родственника

Pavel and Maria Pogrebnyak have been together for over ten years. A young woman gets along well with all my in-laws. She is particularly friendly with his younger twin brothers. Of course, the couple could not miss the wedding of one of them. By the way, happy groom Nicholas also plays professional football.

In the registry office Mary appeared in a bold Golden dress with a translucent skirt, the design of which developed itself. Outfit once again demonstrated the harmony of the stars. Paul preferred a much more discreet way. He appeared at the ceremony wearing black pants and shirt, over which wore a jacket the color of milk.

“The solemn handing over of object in exploitation” – so Paul signed a joint photo with his younger brothers.

Many fans came to the conclusion that the star couple have even eclipsed by the heroes of the occasion. “What Maria is beautiful. only too skinny”, “You look amazing”, “I Love this family. They have a wonderful relationship,” wrote the fans of the spouses Pogrebnyak.

Chosen Nikolay Pogrebnyak was the 23-year-old Tatyana khorolskaya. Lovers have already been Dating a while, and she had close friends with Maria.

The bride chose for the big day, white dress with a full skirt and rich decoration on the bodice. The girl added large earrings and a delicate bouquet of soft pink and cream roses.

The groom gave preference to the classic three-piece suit. The ceremony appeared, and twin brother Nicholas Cyril, also building a career in professional football.

After the marriage the happy couple and their guests went to celebrate the wedding. Maria shared photos from the event, showing the family idyll. Many compliments were heard and socialite mother-in-law Larissa. The mother of the brothers Pogrebnyak looked just amazing. A woman appeared at the festival in elegant beige dress and was more like a big sister sons.

Nephews Nicholas was also quick to congratulate him on such an important event. Children of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak have long been accustomed to the public eye, so unashamedly posed in front of cameras.

Later during the Banquet, the bride thanked everyone. The girl said that at the celebration were invited only the closest people.

“I am very pleased to join the family. Very pleased that you all were able to attend. My husband is shy to say something, but it is attached to all my words”, – shared his emotions the bride.

The party lasted until late at night, ending, as expected, the ceremonial removal of the cake chic.