Жена Вуди Аллена впервые прокомментировала обвинения в сексуальных домогательствах мужа

Woody Allen is now experiencing not the best times. The adopted daughter of Allen, Dylan Farrow accused him of sexual harassment and still doesn’t understand why her forthright letter does not give any results! Actors who have spoken out against the Director continues to star in his projects, but not so smooth. These projects are not receive funding, and the producers just don’t want to release on the big screens!

Жена Вуди Аллена впервые прокомментировала обвинения в сексуальных домогательствах мужа

The investigation dragged on for a very long time and whole time Director supported by his wife, 47-year-old soon-and Preven. Together with Allen since 1997. Sun-and have never commented on the situation, up to this point. The other day Allen’s wife gave an interview to Vulture in which he told his opinion about the incident.

“I never had the need to tell about your family in the spirit: everything was bad. But what is happening now with the woody, sad and unfair. MIA took advantage of the movement #MeToo and under the General hype put Dylan as a victim, which was ignored. And as a result, several new generations that have not heard about the scandal, read about it, although they do not need to know.”

By the way, in a society often there is talk about who is coming to him soon-Yi. “People think that I was her father, was once married to MIA Farrow. I raped her and then married his broken and in need of the protection of the daughter.” The quota, the daughter he never had.

No one doubted that his wife would support Allen. While not one she supports her husband. We will remind, adopted son of woody Allen Moses Farrow stood up for his father, who was accused of sexual harassment. On his website, Moses wrote an open letter in which he accused MIA Farrow in emotional and physical violence in the treatment of children. It affected his sister Dylan Farrow, who accused his father of sexual harassment. Moses confirmed that the sister lied at the instruction of the mother.

Moses “can no longer remain silent, as Allen continue to condemn for a crime he didn’t commit.” He claims that the words of Dylan Farrow are lies! “The story Dylan was quite convincing. But there is one problem: the attic was not electric trains. And besides, we have not had the opportunity to play there, even if we wanted to. The attic was not completed, everywhere protruding nails and were placed mousetraps,” he writes.

According to him, the mother of MIA Farrow insisted that Dylan has accused Allen of harassment. Moses also accused the mother of abuse of children. “She always told us that woody is a monster and devil. For my mother it was very important to present to the world the picture of a happy family, but in fact it was not so,” he recalls.