Жене  Владислава Котлярского регулярно угрожают поклонницы актера
Victoria Kotlyarskii made a Frank admission.

Not everything in our life was uneventful. We are not so happy and perfect couple. Was complexity. Disagreed, and for a long period

Photo: Sergey Novozhilov

Vladislav Kotlyarskii, star of the TV series “Capercaillie” and “Karpov” in an exclusive
an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” told about how hard it is to live with
popular actor, army of fans spanning the millions.

was good until, until they started to write nasty messages on social
networks, — says Victoria Kotlyarskii. Now this happens rarely, and
at first, I was literally inundated with text message threats.. When told
Vlad, he replied: “You have to rise above it.” Then I got used to and became
be treated with humor. How can you take seriously the man who I
does not know and says: “Die, bitch!”?

“It really is just mentally unstable
people, — said Vlad kotlyarskii. — Talking only about those who write
shit. With them it is useless to talk, to explain something. I had
the fan who was acting more than strange. Once fit, after the play
and asks:

— What’s wrong?

— What’s wrong?

— What’s wrong?!

— What not so?!

— Why are you not marrying me! What’s wrong? I
write for six months!

It is not just imagination. I had two
messages per minute! I was five hundred thousand messages. Five hundred
thousand! I’m happy to receive messages from fans and spectators, even
if you criticize. But when a person has such mental problems, can only
sympathize. By the way, saved me from this annoying girls other
groupies. I already knew what she looked like. And here are after the performance to the car —
worth it! Trying not to pay attention to her, open the door to sit down, but
the speed of a Sprinter, doing the same manipulations, lands on
passenger seat and commanded:

— Let’s go!


— Leave, please, we’re not going anywhere.

She continues to sit. I’m still a man, I can’t
a woman by the hair out of the car. But cunning! Think:
now come, it is for me, and lure. There it was — sitting!

Fortunately, this picture was observed by other fans.
They quickly got over it and pulled out of the car. However, that is not right
settled down, tried to block the passage. But reason with her”.

Full version a joint interview Vlad and Victoria Kotlyarskii read in the new issue of the magazine “Caravan of stories”. Now!