Wife of Vladimir Levkin pays little attention to the daughter

Супруга Владимира Левкина уделяет мало внимания дочери The choice of the singer brings in the girl’s independence. Levkin Mary believes that the husband and wife need to spend more time with each other. In her opinion, wrong, when the woman is completely immersed in the child.
Супруга Владимира Левкина уделяет мало внимания дочери

The youngest daughter of 50-year-old musician Vladimir Levkin Nike in September was five years old. The little heiress of the singer and his young wife Mary, grows very independent child. The secret – in the approaches to the upbringing of the baby. Levkin’s wife believes that children should be given the maximum freedom, it is not necessary to reside close to them, and even more so to play.

On his main educational principle Marusya Levkin told in “one,” which recently aired on the channel “Russia 1”. This time Timur Kizyakov came to visit the family of Vladimir Levkin.

“We are leading nick in the educational center,- the wife of a musician Mary. Most of all we like schedule, classes only twice a week and the rest of the time daughter all by herself. We do not play, this is my educational thing. I believe that a child should play on their own without an adult. Only then he learns to fantasize and invent”.

“Sometimes play. Don’t talk like that, – gently corrected the wife of Vladimir Levkin. – Actually, nick, we have a musical child, and if one will not follow, it may during a speech to run on stage and take the microphone. At mom’s. Dad – never!”

Such an approach to the education of her daughter Marusya Levkin explained by the fact that, in her opinion, a happy family life is not formed, if the mother is exclusively child. The woman believes the wife of the former soloist of group “on-On”, have to make time for the man she loved.

“To save the family fortune, the husband and wife should be busy with each other – announced his position Marusya. They must often stay alone. And if the mother devotes all his time to the child, fulfilling his requests, it will affect her relationship with the second half, and the baby grows up dependent”.

By the way, to avoid the difficulties associated with raising Nicky, Vladimir and Mary Lyovka has developed a special schedule. Star wife take turns driving my daughter to kindergarten in the morning. One month it is the duty of Maroussi, the other Vladimir. According to the couple, this approach helps them to avoid quarrels out of nowhere.