Wife of Vladimir Etush responded to reports of his death

Супруга Владимира Этуша отреагировала на сообщения о его смерти
Elena reported on the state of health of the actor.

Vladimir Etush with his wife Elena

Elena Etush was furious after learning that her beloved husband, got a cold, do not pose a threat to
life is “buried” in the Network. Several Internet sources reported that today
in 96-m to year of life legendary actor Vladimir Etush died.

“Quite mad! — resented Elena,
posting a “screenshot” of the publication of the death of national artist. Man
caught a cold, so today to play music. Drinking tea hot.
Journalists in the morning the phone broke off!” When friends of the family Etush recommended
Elena to go to court, she explained that it is not going to do that.

only the courts was not enough! Little criminal case on the embezzlement of money,” said

We will remind, not so long ago the actor fully recovered the stolen
money. Telling journalists about it, Elena expressed her gratitude to the employees of the Investigative
Committee of Russia and personally to Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin of clear
and highly action. “If they do not, would not see
us of our money, as their ears”, — said the wife of the actor.

We will remind, four years
ago, Vladimir Etush trusted Daur of Burgundia.
He worked for many years in the banking industry and not just given the actor advice on it
Finance. In December 2013, Richter gave Bargandzia a large sum of money —
530 thousand and $ 235 thousand euros (in terms of rubles and 28 million rubles),
to put it in a Swiss Bank at favorable interest rates.