Wife of Valery Nikolaev revealed details of their break

Супруга Валерия Николаева раскрыла подробности их разрыва Elmira Zemskova said that in two years their joint life star of TV has changed. Besides, the actor left his wife a lot of debt that she would have to deal with.

      Супруга Валерия Николаева раскрыла подробности их разрыва

      Before it became known that the actor of the series “bourgeois’s birthday” divorces his wife Elmira Zemskova. Valery Nikolaev and his wife lived together for two years, but rumor has it that a woman can no longer tolerate his antics. Recently the movie star behaved very inappropriately. Nikolaev several times became a hero crime reports, got into an accident and even spent ten days in the detention center. After a series of accidents involving Valeria friends started saying that his wife is going to leave the actor. However, an official statement about the divorce was made a few days ago.

      The circus performer Elmira Zemskova told reporters why she goes from the actor. She said that living with such a man as Nicholas impossible, so the decision about the breakup it will not change. According to Elmira, she will have to deal with the debts of a spouse.

      “Valery has left me very a lot of bills and everything else that I have now to disentangle fines on infinity, I haven’t driven my car, and went he and not only he. He lost my rights, I need to restore them now. Need to restore the car, which is now under repair. In short, many gifts I have left, is what to do now”, – said Zemskova.

      Wife of Nikolaev noted that this behavior of the actor was not peculiar to him, when they were first married. Zemskova recalled that their entire wedding was organized by Valery himself. Her only answer was for the festive menu and choosing a wedding dress. Rings adorned their fingers, were made in the form of infinity sign.

      “I married a noble, good man, when he was completely different. So, of course, hurt, sad, sad that we are getting a divorce. But when you offer helping hands to the person and you beat them with sticks, you know, it’s not very nice,” – said the actress in an interview with LifeNews.

      It is noteworthy that the Nikolaev not at all saddened by the news of the divorce. He said that he was glad such a coincidence. Recall that before the marriage with Zemskova, Valery was officially married once and Irina Apeksimova. Then some time he was connected relationship with Love Tikhomirova. The notorious actor lived in a civil marriage, with Daria Poverennova and Tatyana Ovsienko. However, all these novels were neprodolzhitelna.

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