Wife of Valery Meladze broke down crying telling about his childhood

Супруга Валерия Меладзе разрыдалась, рассказывая о детстве Albina dzhanabaeva told Tatiana Ustinova in the “My hero” that she had to grow up early. According to the singer, mom laid on her too many responsibilities. The actress is glad that her sons are growing up happy.
Супруга Валерия Меладзе разрыдалась, рассказывая о детстве

The singer told about how she grew up. Memories of childhood caused Dzhanabaeva tears. She reported that mother “hung up” on too many responsibilities. Albina grew up in a large family and was the oldest.

“I’m always responsible for all, globally. Felt it all the time. The child must be a child, it so happened that I probably was not. Maybe it’s good that I was so responsible. But it is impossible to carry on his shoulders the concern of others. People who are blaming you for their business – simply stop thinking. It is very important not to hurt, even relatives do not always correctly understand your interest,” said dzhanabaeva.

Albina shared impressions about work in “VIA GRE”. That day, when she was in the band, was one of the happiest in her life. “The challenges have been, with certain nuances pursued. I just joined the team, which by that time was fully developed by Constantine and girls, of course. Trying to figure out how they all work. Each girl in their own way, each one had his way, uneasy” – shared the actress.

Dzhanabaeva noted that after the departure from the female trio has long been in depression. According to the artist, she’s insanely afraid of the oblivion. Albina said she is ready even to leave kids with mom, just to play and to tour.

“The eldest son of thirteen, the youngest is three. It’s bad that they rarely see me. You know, when I finished my participation in the group “VIA Gra”, and it was a crazy schedule, constant travel, flights… And suddenly everything stopped! I Wake up at home today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, beside me children, but I suddenly became scared. This pause in the work, it scared me, I was shocked. So I agreed to play roles in the theater,” – said Albina.