Жены Тиграна Кеосаяна отметят Новый год вместе Alena Khmelnitskaya and Margarita Simonyan maintain friendly relations. The current wife of filmmaker plans to celebrate the holidays in a big company. Their house will come and the ex-fiancee of producer children.
Жены Тиграна Кеосаяна отметят Новый год вместе

Tigran Keosayan and Alena Khmelnitskaya was married for over twenty years. The pair of them seemed perfect, so the divorce shocked fans. Soon the Director was again married. This time his choice was journalist Margarita Simonyan.

Now Tigran and Margaret and mother of two children. The Director tries to maintain good relations with the former spouse.

“I believe that the man should always be responsible for the woman with whom he lived for 20 years. She bore me two children, and I have to make sure Alain had everything we needed. In the end, it’s not my fault that I fell in love with another”, – he said doing the same thing.
Жены Тиграна Кеосаяна отметят Новый год вместе

Margarita supports the decision of her husband. She was able to find a common language with Alena. According to Simonyan, it’s comfortable to communicate with Khmelnytskyi, because they live in completely different worlds. Only with his ex-wife Keosayan journalist can forget about work and talk about a nice feminine detail, discuss your favorite type of wine or the problems in the education of children.

Simonyan remembered that even after divorce the husband often visited ex-lover and she helped.

“I was already pregnant, and Tigran went every day to Aretha, to prepare Breakfast for the youngest daughter. He didn’t want the kids needed attention, felt abandoned. Tigran stopped doing it only after Alena has a new lover. We all communicate well. For example, on the first of January we plan to celebrate together. Collect all the friends friends. She will come with her lover, bound to be children of Tigran,” – said Margarita.

The fans support Keosayan and Khmelnitsky in their desire to maintain friendly relations. Children of the Director from his two marriages communicate perfectly with each other.

By the way, Alena herself repeatedly talked about the relationship with her ex-husband. According to the woman, meeting with him not give her tremendous pleasure. However, she understands that they need to communicate regularly for the welfare of daughters.

The best confirmation of the good relations of Tigran and Aliona will be the series “Actress”. One of the main roles it will play Khmelnytska, but Keosayan will act as Director. By the way, the script for the movie was written by Margarita Simonyan.