Wife of the arrested driver Volochkova from ballerina begs forgiveness

Жена арестованного водителя Волочковой вымаливает у балерины прощение Sofia Skirtach publicly appealed to the star. A young woman conjures Anastasia Volochkova does not take away from her children’s father. Now a former favorite artist arrested and is in jail pending his case.
Жена арестованного водителя Волочковой вымаливает у балерины прощение

The conflict between Anastasia Volochkova and its driver Alexander Skirtcan turned the arrest of the latter. The star accused the man of embezzling large sums of money, stressing that besprikoslovno trusted employee. The news of the arrest of the former favorite, was not upset ballerina, and now she intends by all means to achieve a fair court decision.

However, the wife of Alexander Sofia does not agree with the allegations. A young woman believes that her husband suffered from the revenge of the rich and famous of the employer.

Driver Anastasia Volochkova sent to jail

“It happened quite unexpectedly. He went to the investigation Department to know the progress of the investigation on our claim. After that Sasha was arrested, I was up all night trying to contact him, but the police took her husband’s phone,” said Sofia in the program “New Russian sensations”.
Жена арестованного водителя Волочковой вымаливает у балерины прощение

The young woman explained that all accusations against her husband Kuchma. Sofia is sincerely hoped that Alexander was released on conditions of house arrest, but this did not happen. Now Skirtach will have to wait for the court decision in isolation.

According to Sofia, the charges of the ballerina is absolutely not fair, so she’s ready to meet Volochkova and discuss the situation.

“Anastasia, I beg you, leave our family alone. I’m ready to ask you for forgiveness, to apologize in any way for the inconvenience. Just don’t leave my children without a father. Our youngest child just one year, kid looking for all the time dad, calling him. You have the same daughter. Please sign in position”, asked Sofia to the ballerina.

According to the young woman, she never saw Volochkova. Moreover, Skirtach afraid of influential rivals, believing that in its actions there are signs of personal revenge. However, Anastasia such charges in his address denies. In the program “New Russian sensations” the ballerina said that the former driver stole her millions of rubles, and the initiator of the criminal actions could be Sophia.

Star is going to continue to be aware of the actions of the investigation. Moreover, she intends to press charges against Sophia. In Instagram Anastasia commented on the apology of the former spouse of the driver addressed her.

“I want to say that the knees should not be in front of me and in front of him. We must be honest to yourself, first of all, then it is not necessary to apologize. Hate when people play to the camera. Disgusting. And do not mind”, – said Volochkova.

Many fans support Anastasia, because in recent months she’s faced with the betrayal of several close friends. After the dismissal of Alexander Skirtach Volochkova parted with the housekeeper. Anastasia is confident that Raya, who had served her for over ten years, took it out of the house food and money. The servant denies the charge the stars.

The former housekeeper Anastasia Volochkova for the first time responded to allegations of theft