Жена Степана Меньщикова: «У нас будет девочка» Eugene Shamaeva said “StarHit”, how is her second pregnancy. According to the wife of entertainer, the atmosphere in her family has changed markedly, and the favorite became more caring and attentive.

      Many remember how six months ago, the family eks-the participant “House-2” Stepan Menshchikova and his wife Eugenia Sameway did not cease fighting and constant talk about the breakup. Young people could not find a compromise and forgive each other old insults, despite the fact that together they are raising three-year old son Vanya.

      Now, according to darling man, whom he only recently officially married, their relationship is now filled with harmony and love. The couple look forward to the birth of the second child, which they had long dreamed of. In an interview with “StarHit” Eugene Shamaeva spoke in detail about the process of her pregnancy and why she was so strongly affected the situation in the family.

      “I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy, – says the girl with “StarHit”. Delivery is scheduled for end of December. Ultrasound says it’s a girl. We really wanted it. However, I have the left and right do not cry, even to subscribers in the Network is not told – for the second pregnancy are more vibrantly and consciously.”

      Turns out, the talk about a second child in the family of entertainer, in spite of the scandals that were long overdue. But the couple did not dare to such a responsible step, especially considering that between them everything went smoothly. “We Stepan was very happy when my interesting position was confirmed, but not much surprised – been a long time discussed that they want more children. Son is waiting for replenishment, stroking the tummy, talking to him, asking, like the little sisters case”.

      By the way, after learning about the upcoming changes, Stepan Menshikov became even more attentive to his beloved. Shamaeva notice how he tries in order to please her and get rid of any worries. “Stepan always cared: the Breakfast, the tea poured, but now indulges me more often, suffers mood swings. Recently he scored a bouquet of wild flowers – it was very nice. We do in house chef. Most of all loves to cook soups,” – says Eugene. However, the taste preferences of the young moms are constantly changing. In her confessions, the first few months, she constantly wanted butter, and now more attracted to fruit.

      To restore peace in the family of Stepan and Eugene was not so simple — the couple was forced to go to marriage counseling, then they day by day both worked on the relationship. Eventually the couple managed to negotiate and learn to take care of each other.

      “I don’t know what mages and wizards, but after these sessions I learned a lot. The guilty one is never, and it is very important to understand its drawbacks, and disadvantages to be overcome. Stepan was delighted with the results, then admitted that he too noticed a big change in his behavior and our relationship in General. Once said, “And how could I do that?”

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