Жену Степана Меньщикова осудили за интимный снимок Wife of the entertainer surprised fans provocative scenes. Eugene posted a photo where posing Topless. Followers felt that for a grown woman and mother is impermissible to be naked in public.
Жену Степана Меньщикова осудили за интимный снимок

The spouse of a former participant reality show “House-2” Stepan Menshchikova Eugene regularly pleases followers of his microblog, telling them about the mother weekdays or showing family pictures. Woman who became a mother for the second time at the end of 2016, has already managed to regain a slender figure. She strenuously engaged in the gym and walking in the pool, and visits by special procedure, which favorably affect the skin tone.

Eugene does not hesitate to please the audience very candid shots. The wife of Stepan posted a picture Topless. She poses in front of the mirror while covering her breast with hand. The photo caused an active discussion among her followers. Netizens criticized the young woman.

“Very vulgar. The children grow up, and look mother without complexes”, “Why is this posting not understand”, “I’m embarrassed to ask ,the husband normally reacts to Nude photo of social networks”, “Well so beautiful, but it’s too much, did not expect from you”, “Too intimate”, and “How the husband allow this to stand?” – indignant fans of menishikova.

Some have suggested that such explicit photos, Jack is trying to attract the attention of her husband, as he wasn’t paying her enough attention. Moreover, not long ago, Stephen and his wife survived the crisis in the relationship. As told Eugene, it helped a family psychologist.

“I don’t know what mages and wizards, but after these sessions I learned a lot. The guilty one is never, and it is very important to understand its drawbacks, and disadvantages to be overcome. Stepan was delighted with the results, then admitted that he too noticed a big change in his behavior and our relationship in General. Once said, “And how could I do that?” – shared a woman with “StarHit”.

After the appearance of daughter Barbara’s family relationships have become much stronger. Stepan loves the heiress. The husband took care of Eugenia, and when she was pregnant, fulfilling all her whims. As noted by the wife of the showman, he even cooked for her, and regularly pleasing bouquets of flowers. The daughter of Stepan Menschikova grows its copy