Wife of Stepan Menschikova spoke about a possible reunion with her husband

Жена Степана Меньщикова заговорила о возможном воссоединении с мужем Evgenia told about their relationship. Last year, the couple broke up. Children live with the mother but see their father very often. Stepan helps them Finance. Jack rents an apartment.

Stepan Menshikov left with his wife Evgenia in the fall of 2017. The star of “House-2” tries to help his ex-wife, as she has to deal with two children. “Jack decided to live without me. She wants to live without me. I’m tired of saying: “What are you doing – two small children, who need you? Now during a time of crisis – and I tight as an artist, more children to feed. Who will contain you.” Of course I will help, but I don’t. Together it is easier to live. Such clashes happen all the time – as the economy sags, so I’m bad. Well, love can not be”, – said Menshikov about the breakup.

Eugene often shares details of his personal life and emotions on the page in a social network. Many of the followers admire the spectacular appearance of the woman, and praised her figure. In the last post, the mum of two told how she now communicates with Stepan.

“The relationship is a strange thing, especially when you have shared kids who equally love one another parent. Someone congratulates us here already with the reunion, but we just communicate well and will always communicate. It is considered normal! Kids need to see happy mom and dad, and they are together or apart – this is not so important,” said Eugene.

Fans of telestroke can’t know whether there Stepan and Eugene have once again decided to be together. It is known that the former participants of the reality show and not divorced. Many admire Zhenya and note that it is very good and caring mother.

“Ivan is very happy with the rich childhood of constant travel, the parent saturated bright everyday life, interesting acquaintances, meetings, photo shoots. I’m all for children more vividly perceived, and seen the world, thought bigger and wider, especially since they have a child’s mind is just easily absorb all the most important thing right now”, shares his views on the education of children of Eugene.

Eugene and Stepan are already faced with a busy period in the relationship. When Jack was pregnant with my daughter, they even had to go to a psychologist for help.

“I don’t know what mages and wizards, but after these sessions I learned a lot. The guilty one is never, and it is very important to understand its drawbacks, and disadvantages to be overcome. Stepan was delighted with the results, then admitted that he too noticed a big change in his behavior and our relationship in General. Once said, “And how could I do that?” – sharing wife men’shchikova.