Жена Степана Меньщикова показала округлившийся животик в бикини Family entertainer resting in Sochi. Immediately after marriage, Stepan Menshikov with his pregnant wife and young son went to the resort. Apparently, the couple having a good time and enjoying your honeymoon.

      A few days ago, former participant reality show “House-2” and showman Stepan Menshikov officially registered the relationship with the chosen one and the mother of his son Eugenia Sameway. The couple staged a lavish celebration, however, invited to the feast only the closest people – relatives and friends.

      Stepan Menshikov the friends gathered at the wedding Banquet PHOTOS. VIDEO

      Immediately after the wedding the couple went to honeymoon. Now, newly-married couples having a great time on the beach. Now the wife of the showman is at an early stage of pregnancy, however, already noticeable rounded tummy, which she gladly demonstrates all its readers.

      “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re really big”, signed Eugene the.

      Fans wished the expectant mother to have a great time on vacation and gain strength before birth. “Health to you and baby. Love and happiness to your family!” “Congratulations, beautiful! Super!” – expressed his delight loyal fans Sameway.

      Now the wife of Stepan Menschikova only 20 weeks pregnant so can afford flying on airplanes and climate change. Members wished the newlyweds to have a great time and enjoy the holidays with your family.

      Two years ago, Stepan and Eugene got married in Goa, but the marriage was not registered officially. Only on the eve of the birth of the second child the loving couple decided to formalize the relationship. In order to go to the registry office, the couple did not order chic clothes. Eugene chose a blue slinky dress, and Stepan wore a shirt to match the outfit of the woman and white pants.

      “We’re already married, so we came up with calm emotions to this event. We decided in honor of the soon birth a second baby to legalize the marriage. Overall, we are happy! Though there is a little excitement anyway,” admitted “StarHit” shamayeva, who will soon take her husband’s name.

      For wedding party the couple arrived in a more solemn form. She wore her hair in a beautiful hairstyle, make-up and chose the beige bodycon dress, which accentuated the figure and hugged the tummy of the expectant mother. Stepan on the occasion appeared in a black suit and tried to do everything so that the guests were in awe of the occasion. Stepan Menshikov prepared a surprise for his pregnant wife at the wedding

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